Spyder 3.x – A Turbo Pascal Color Scheme

As I just witnessed the golden ages of Borlands Turbo Pascal, I have some nostalgic interest in revive at least just the looks of Turbo Pascal when using Python. Therefore, I tried to realize an adequate color scheme for Spyder 3.

As far as I know, color schemes for Spyder can not be transferred using some exchange format – so I don’t see another chance as just presenting the color settings from the menu:

“Turbo Pascal”-like color scheme for Spyder

The resulting looks of Spyder 3.x is shown in the following screenshot:

Spyder 3.x using the TurboPascal Color Scheme 🙂

As a side information: Something rather spooky is the automatically changing Linenumber within the IPython Console. The fontcolor of the can not be changed. However, it is set depending on the normal font color. As I previously chose another yellow therefore, it happened that this font color got a dark blue and couldn’t be distinguished from the background.

Now have fun coding Python with the looks or at least the colors of good old Turbo Pascal!

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