Configure pi-hole with DNS-over-TLS on an old raspberry pi 1

Installation of pi-hole on a raspberry pi is very easy – installation instructions can be found here:

Additionally, one might be interested in securing DNS using TLS (DNS-over-TLS) which is well explained here:

However, pi-hole is not very demanding for the hardware. Therefore, an old raspberry pi 1 can easily handle the task of running pi-hole. Nevertheless, I ran into a little “segmentation fault” issue:

pi@pi1:~ $ cloudflared -v
Segmentation fault

This error occurs because newer cloudflare versions are compiled on/for newer ARM devices. To avoid this issue you simply have to replace the “wget”-line in the up above mentioned instruction for the download of cloudflare by an alternative link as explained here!

In clear words instead of:

tar -xvzf cloudflared-stable-linux-arm.tgz


tar -xvzf cloudflared_2019.8.1_arm.tar.gz

All other steps remain the same.

Don’t forget to set the DNS Upstream Servers in the GUI (open your local pi-hole IP-address in your browser) under Settings -> DNS as shown in the following image:

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